Making graphic photos is like capturing subjects (landscape, object, building) with various geometric lines and highlighting, even accentuating, their forms or their contrasts. First of all, when you look at your subject, you should focus on the lines and shapes of your subject and try to compose your image by highlighting these graphic elements. On the other hand, composing an image with strong graphics often requires a minimalist approach.

A landscape has many elements that can help you create a graphic image. The horizon line is the first element, but there are others: it can be a fence in a field, an electricity pole, a winding path, sand dunes.

Street picture
The street is also full of various geometric shapes: rectangles for pedestrian crossings, traffic signs, paving stones, steps, and staircases. Venturing into the street with the camera in hand is the best, but sometimes some images can also be made from your window or balcony.

Photo of architecture
If there is one type of photography that lends itself perfectly to graphics, it is architecture photography. Many buildings (bridges, churches, houses) taken from unexpected angles reveal to us the forms, lines, and materials that compose them.

Nature sometimes creates surprising plants, flowers or fruits whose shapes will allow you to compose a graphic image. Especially if you’re doing close-ups or macro photography. You should not hesitate to get as close as possible to the subject: the more you take it in close-up, the less identifiable your subject will be, you will move on to a more abstract work that will concentrate on lines and shapes.

Objects, even the most common ones, are composed of shapes and lines that can be interesting to reveal by means of an image (dishes, toys, tools). Photograph your object from all angles until you find the one that best underlines its lines and volumes.

Human body
Any subject can become graphic, depending on how it is photographed. The human body, for example, and especially through shots of almost abstract details, or in the position given to the arms and legs, can be an ideal subject. If you have any need for portrait photography don’t hesitate to contact us.